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Past, Present, Future

Simple Beginnings
Our close-knit community is rooted in the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) and came together informally in Elfrida, AZ in 2009. Led by lay disciples who share a common goal of seeking God together, we've grown into a supportive family over the years.
We place great importance on "plain living and high thinking", leading a simple yet meaningful life, as well as embracing the other precepts laid out in Paramahansa Yogananda's Aims and Ideals.
Community Model
Up to now, we have existed as an informal community, with homes situated on privately owned parcels—a model we're changing to improve our ability to grow the community, expand its spiritual focus, and enable the community to continue into the future.
Southeast Arizona Meditation Circle of SRF
Our in-home chapels provide a sacred space for Meditation Circle services.
To better accommodate long meditations and retreats, we're extending our Community plans to include a dedicated chapel building and a retreat center.
Chapel Services
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Schedule of Chapel Services
Taking a Step Forward
We officially established our nonprofit organization, Golden Lotus Living, Inc., in January 2024.
We're currently working on obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a religious and charitable organization. We anticipate completing this process within the next few months.
Into the Future
We're creating more website content to keep you updated about our nonprofit's progress and our exciting projects. This includes plans for a new dedicated chapel for services, a serene meditation garden, and the development of a spiritual retreat called "Light of the Valley Retreat Center." Stay tuned for more updates!
Community-Owned Property
We are currently embarking on these projects on a 5-acre parcel of land recently donated to our nonprofit within the boundaries of our 40-acre informal community.
We're actively considering the idea of incorporating affordable housing for SRF devotees, both for independent living and assisted-living needs.
Additional Information
You can discover more about the history and possibilities for the future of our Community by watching the video presentation below:
Be a Part of Our Future
You can become a Circle of Friends member of Golden Lotus Living by setting up a monthly recurring monetary gift. These dependable contributions ensure we have the steady funds needed to fulfill our mission.
Whether or not you can be here in person, Circle of Friends is a way to be part of our devotee family and to commit to supporting Paramahansa Yogananda's vision of communities that embody his Aims and Ideals.
Circle of Friends members are invited to participate in project committees and provide valuable input to our decision-making.
Your Contributions
Every contribution is important, no matter how modest. Simply pick a donation method and give whatever amount feels right for you.
Thank You!
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